Running an online eCommerce store in the WooCommerce platform? If it is so, creating coupons in WooCommerce is a good opinion in attracting more visitors and make them your permanent consumers. Providing them coupon codes for the discounts on the product will be impactful in converting them to regular as well as permanent customers. Thus, get fruitful WooCommerce Support in this guide to efficiently generate coupons in WooCommerce. You’ll find it simple and straightforward.

Once you create coupon codes, it helps you to increase sales and broaden your online business in every corner of the world. Thus, feel free to walk through the guidelines instructed in this post to have a functional discount coupon in just a few clicks for your WooCommerce online store.

WooCommerce Helps To Create Different Types Of Coupons

In your WooCommerce business site, you can create varieties of coupons like as:

  • Coupon for a percentage discount
  • Fixed Debit/Credit Card discount
  • Discount on particular or only selected product
  • Providing a free-shipping facility

Stepwise Instructions To Create Coupons in WooCommerce

WooCommerce contains simple yet powerful coupon code functionality for making customers happier and staying along with you for a long time. It means when you start offering coupon codes to your customers, it will in turn profit your business without any limitations. Thus, let’s get started with the following procedure to proactively create coupons in WooCommerce.

Step 1: Add a Coupon

Here’s how you can add a coupon to your WooCommerce online store:

  • First, open your WooCommerce Dashboard
  • Next, navigate to “Marketing” > “Coupons” consecutively.
  • Then, click on the “Create your first coupon” link or tap the “Add coupon” button.
  • Afterward, enter a coupon code in the “Add new coupon” field if you already have any. Otherwise, tap the “Generate coupon code” link to get a code.
  • You will also have the option to write a description in the “Description” text box but it is optional.

Step 2: Select The “General” Tab

Once the WooCommerce coupon is created, a “Coupon data” window will appear. There, you need to select the ‘General’ tab and configure some basic settings. Here’s the procedure:

  • Click on the “Discount Type” drop-down button to select the specific discount you would like to offer to your customers. Usually, by default, WooCommerce comes with three discount types. Here’re they:

ü  Percentage discount: You can select it to reduce an order’s price by a certain percentage like 10% off, 50% off, up to 70% off, etc.

ü  Fixed cart discount: This option would be selected for providing a fixed discount on the user’s cart.

ü  Fixed product discount: You can select this option if you want to give a fixed discount only on individual items.

  • Now, enter the reasonable amount in the “Coupon amount” text field.
  • Next, select the “Allow free shipping” checkbox to offer WooCommerce Support for free shipping with the coupon.
  • In the end, set an expiry date for the offer you serve to your users. Users won’t be able to redeem the coupon once the coupon code gets expired.

Step 3: Configure Usage Restriction

Next, you need to set some conditions for the eligibility of using the coupon. Here’s what to do:

  • First, navigate to the “Usage restriction” tab.
  • Now, in the “Minimum Spend” field, specify the minimum amount for users to spend in order to redeem the coupon.
  • Then, in the “Maximum Spend” text field, set a maximum total amount for the offer.
  • Meanwhile, if you don’t want customers to use more than one coupon apparently, tick the box for “Individual use only”.
  • Additionally, you can exclude sale items by clicking the checkbox.
  • Afterward, slightly scroll down to select particular products to which the coupon can be applied.
  • Finally, enter the email addresses of particular users who can only be allowed to use the coupon. These emails will be checked against the customers’ billing addresses. If you leave this field blank, all users will be applicable to access the coupon.

Step 4: Adjust Your Coupon’s Usage Limits

The last but not the least step is to briefly describe the limits of your offer. This setting will help your business to get protected against fraud. Let’s do it now:

  • Click on the “Usage Limits” tab.
  • In the “Usage limit per coupon” field, select the number of items customers can use a coupon before it gets invalid.
  • Now, in the “Limit usage to X items” field, select the number of items to which the coupon can be applied.
  • Finally, in the “Usage limit per user” field, limit the number of times each customer can use a coupon.

Step 5: Publish The Coupon in WooCommerce

After successfully customizing your coupon at WooCommerce Support Company, you can go ahead for publish it in your online store. Simply, click the “Publish” tab, and then finally your offer will be available to your customers.

Online 24/7 WooCommerce Support For Creating Coupon Code

Hopefully, you are now able to create coupon codes on your WooCommerce site. Providing offers through coupons would be helpful in engaging customers and encouraging them as well to add more items to their carts. Anyone can avail the offers only if they are eligible and hence get the free shipment at the doorstep.

Let us know if you still need WooCommerce Support via dialing the 24/7 helpline number. Any of your queries regarding creating coupons for the WooCommerce store will be answerable by our WooCommerce certified developers.